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Murphy's Touch, INC


General Engineering and Certified Welding

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Our Focus

Murphy's Touch, Inc. is focused on providing high-quality general engineering and certified welding services with customer satisfaction - we will do what it takes to meet your expectations within budget and on time! 

Trust Our Experienced Hands

Water Works

Earth and Land

AG Fencing
Weld & Art

Why Choose Us

Murphy's Touch, Inc.  is a California licensed General Engineering and Welding company with over 30 years of experience in the industry.  WE are a California certified micro small business enterprise, Federal Small Business and registered with the Department of Industrial Relations to perform public works projects.  MTI is an AWWA Distribution System certificate holder and has nine current welding certificates since 2009. We have a successful track record with public works as well, as the local micro contracts.  

CA State License #725470

CA Small Business #2002235


Department of Industrial Relations # 1000030335

Murphy's Touch, Inc. is a husband and wife team known for their outstanding work ethic and commitment to excellence.  Together, they provide the leadership to ensure highly successful services with motivation, talent and optimism for their customers.  

Their motto is "Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!"


Earth & Land

   AG Fencing

Weld & Art